Types of Roof Designs and Styles


There are many types of roofs out there. Many of us always assume that they are flat in structure but that is not the case. Most have different gradients and styles too. There are several options which will take a long time to be completed and implemented too. Here are some roof style for you to consider:


The mansard is a great one it has four slopes which has two on each side of the house. The lower slope is a lot steeper and vertical than the upper one too. The upper one is visible to the ground area. The French style also allows for more living and storage space too. You must consider the colorbond roof replacement strategy if you want to keep your roof in great condition.


The gambrel is a roof structure and style which is similar to the mansard. The differences are that the Gambrel is generally vertical with gable ends and the roof generally hangs over the façade of the house too. This is also from the Dutch era than the French one too.


The saltbox design is one of the best exterior designs out there. It is asymmetrical with a pitched long roof which has a short side and a long side. This is when one floor is on one height and other side has two floors it is a great design if you are into model architectural designs and layouts too. You can even try and use the colorbond roof replacement strategy if you want your roof to stand out from the crowd.


The pyramid roof design is one which is shaped like a pyramid. There are different portions some are small portions while others are large ones. Some structures are small like a garage or even a pool too.


The roof is similar to the pyramid structure which is very different to the area on the top of the four sides which generally meets at the ridge or flat area. This design is also more practical too for you to consider using. Remember to always consider revaluating the cost of constructing the roof before you decide to embark on the construction as you can see unforeseen costs later on. Always ask family and friends for the best expert in town who can help you fix your roof for a nominal figure as some can charge you a lot more than you anticipated too. This can only plunge you into serious financial debt!