Your Very Own Day Care

If you love kids so much so that you want your career revolving around them, putting up a day care centre could be one of the best choices.

Decide on the details

Decide how many kids you can handle. Think of where you want the day care to be. Put up a daily schedule. If you want another person assisting you, then decide what you need that person to do, hence the qualifications you require them to have.

Get your licence

Find out what details and documents are required for this purpose. A clear set of financial records will be a must. A licenced practitioner will sure have an advantage over an unlicensed practitioner when parents choose a day care for their child.

Create the atmosphere

Make the place where your day-care will be, kid friendly. Not only in terms of visual appearance, but also in terms of safety. Close water holes if they are easily accessible. Watch the railings of the stair case and that of any balconies. Cover all unused electric power outlets. Protect table edges with silicone covers. Make the walls and everything colourful and vibrant. Lessen furniture as much as possible to give kids more room to be themselves. An attractive landscape design in the garden is very important as little humans like spending a lot of time outside.

A kid friendly landscape design could include a huge chalkboard in the garden, a sand pit, a pool where they should be supervised all the time etc. Invest in a projector so that the kids can enjoy movies on super big screens. Make sure all the furniture you use are carefully tested to confirm child safety. This link will provide you a perfect landscape construction.

Why Advertising?

Print flyers and distribute at schools with their permission. You could also simply advertise on social media or even ask friends and family to spread the word. Promise them quality, and keep your promise. You will have customers running towards you.

Parents’ record book

The lives of parents revolve around the life of their children. So they will want to know whatever that goes on in the lives of their children without missing a detail. Make them comfortable by making every detail about the day care transparent. Create a parents record book and publish the daily food menus and all daily activities. Get personally close to all parents in a professional level, so that you could provide a better service to the kids.

Make sure your training and qualification are in check

You may want to polish your knowledge in first aid, CPR and handling emergencies. Make sure everyone who will handle the kids are up to date too. Go for workshops and seminars regularly o update you knowledge.

Don’t expect to make profit over night

This is a venture with a high start-up cost. Now that you have others using your premises, you will have sky rocketing utility bills. It will take some time for the profits to pour in.