Pool fencing is often done with glass fence and that is to make the pool side look more beautiful and enchanting. As it is being done on a larger scale these days and is highly approved because of all the factors including secure and beautiful. Pool sides are thought to be a place which will look beautiful and which would be able to make a refreshing environment. Pool fencing of Perth is the real time aesthetic that is made important under several consideration factors. Glass pool fencing is a popular demand and hence pool fencing is mainly asked to be done by that. It is made with fine quality glass that is capable of tolerating high pressure and is also temperature tolerant.


Glass pool fencing is actually an improvised version of commonly made old style fence for the backyards usually. It is tightly bound and is secured at the edges with special metallic seals because it is thought to be present at a more scratch and breach prone area that is pool. We provide our customers with different styles of pool fencing ideas but all of them guarantee on simple notion and that is Strength. Following are certain attributes which we follow:

Safe edges: The edges are designed in such a way that they are not harmful and are completely safe for every age.

Thickness:  Like most other fragile materials in the market the thickness of these material is kept in appropriate measure that it does not break can even handle immense pressure if pushed to the situation.

Toughness: The fences used in our products and installations are tough and are non-breakable and can stand harsh conditions longer than any other product in the market at present.

Strength: The tensile strength also called as the power of a products or material to hold is strong and thus making it the hardest material for fencing especially when it comes to pool fencing.


Although there are so many types of pool fencing that people usually go for. But we have following two hot sale items that we design under the hard work influence of our expert developers. Those two customer favorite pool fencing are:

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing:  As the definition is in the name, a semi frameless glass pool fence has frames only at the edges and the durability of a glass is not that high but still controls complete protection

Frameless glass fences: Frameless glass fences have no frames at the edges but the plus point is that the glass protection is all the way around and the durability or so called thickness of the glass used is much higher than the semi frameless glass fence hence providing more protection and safety than the other.

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