Breach Of Laws That Are Made During House Construction.

What is a breach of law?If a citizen of a country does an activity which is against the rules and regulations set out by the constitution of that country, it is called a breach of law. That is, every citizen is bound to abide by the rules or codes set by the law of that country. these are set by the government for the betterment of the society and for the improvement and safety of the citizens of a country. breach of any of the rules will not only result in fines and punishments but at times even death penalty.

Instances where the law is breached.There are major breaches of law and minor breaches of law. For instance, a driver failing to wear the set bely while driving is a breach of driving laws. While these might not be serious in gravity there are many instances where the laws are not not followed in the construction industry and there have been major repercussions.

Selling property fraudulently.There are many new home builders curlewis in the building industry who does not have proper likening for their companies. This means that these builders have not got the permission of the government to open such a business. They might use materials which are of low quality and are not suitable for construction. Similarly, we see plenty of house and land packages Geelong which are advertised in newspapers and magazines. many of these lands which are advertised belong to the government or at times other individuals who are living overseas. land brokers who fraudulently make fake land papers sell these to poor buyers who believe that the documents given to them are original. Therefore, the governments have advised the public who are purchasing lands or houses to ensure that they send their land documents for inspection with a lawyer.

Use of nonstandard materials in is important to use quality cement, bricks, metal and other materials in construction. using of materials which are not of good quality will result in the collapse of the entire building. it can endanger both property as well as life. However, constructors to save more money use cheap items which have no quality in building. it is important therefore, to know which builders are reputed and known to build good buildings. Therefore, knowing the gravity and the danger of not following these rules constructors should make sure that constructions are done with proper standard equipment and materials. Similarly, People who are constructing buildings and homes should pay more attention to the activities performed in construction. builders-home