Dealing With An Emergency Leak In Your Home

You may notice a small leak in your home and you may not pay too much attention to it but in truth, this can be very dangerous and in some cases, if the problem worsens and goes in to your walls and power lines, it can even cause death. It is vital that you do not ignore a leak in your pipes or a wet patch on your walls no matter how small it might seem because you cannot ever predict how bad the problem is in areas that are beyond your line of sight. As an example, you may have noticed a small wet patch on your wall and you might think nothing of it because it is a very small patch but behind the wall, where you cannot see, the leak might be a lot worse. If the water soaks in to your walls and seeps in to areas where there are wires, sockets, power lines or plug points, it might even cause a short circuit which can cause your entire home to become an electrical conductor. Go here  for more information about blocked drains.

Call in a professional

The first thing that you will have to do is to turn off your main water lines and turn off your main electrical lines as soon as you notice a leak or a wet patch. Do not try to avoid this or assume it is unnecessary because you will never be able to predict the true extent of the damage until it has been checked by a professional. As soon as you have turned off the mains, you will want to call in a plumber to come in and check your home thoroughly for any leaks or problems that may have occurred. It is most likely to be that one of your water lines or pipes inside your wall has broken and caused a leak inside your wall. It will definitely be a problem with the plumbing and he will be able to sort it out without a doubt but in some cases, if the problem is serious or deeper inside your wall, it may require him to break your walls to find the broken pipe or leakage and you will need to bring in a builder to fix the mess once the pipe has been found and fixed.If you see water on your floor or if the pipe that has broken is an exposed one, you will want to clean up the water that has flooded your home immediately as this water can seep in to your walls and cause a shirt circuit.