Different Types Of Lifts In Buildings

Elevators which are also known as lifts is a very unusual piece of machinery that was created by humans to get from the bottom of the building to the top instead of taking the stairs. Using elevators does large and heavy objects that need to be transport from one floor to another. A majority of people have not realised that without lifts, tall buildings such as skyscrapers would not have been built and make cities look wonderful. A lift might seem simple but its a wonderful piece of technology. There are a few components that make up an elevator such as a hydraulic fluid system, traction cables, systems of counterweight. Lifts are categorised based on the type of building, the height of the building, location, type and the usage.

Passenger lifts

This is most commonly used type of elevator found in buildings that have more than six floors. They have different sizes based on the requirement of the building. Mostly this machinery can be found inside or outside of a building uses cables, electricity, hydraulic fluid or pneumatic.

Custom elevators

These machines are tailor made to suit the requirements of certain individuals such as disability lifts. They are customised both inside and outside. They are used by private users only.

Domestic elevators

Residential lift prices maybe a little bit expensive than passenger ones. They are used to move up and down from floors in residential structures. They can only accommodation a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people. They can be constructed inside or outside of a structure. These elevators can be controlled by using a remote regardless whether you try to control it inside or outside the house. Browse this website to find out more details.

Cargo lifts

This lift is used to transport heavy items so that there is no foot traffic. Cargo or goods lifts can be found mainly in commercial environments such as restaurants, offices, malls and shops. This is very efficient when compared to hoist lifts. In an industrial environment, these lifts are mobile and short-lived and most of them being used on wheels.

Hoist elevators

This machinery is used along with a pulley and a cage or platform that will transport heavy items without being seen. The pulley is controlled by a cable or rope that brings the lift up to the required level. Some of them are use electricity or air. Years ago, these pulley driven elevators are used mainly at construction sites or on ships vessels. Now that you know what are the different types of elevators, if you ever have to make a decision about buying a lift, now you will know exactly the best type based on your requirement.