Guide To An Artificial Lawn

If you are a person who prefers to have a perfect lush green lawn but does not want to spend time maintaining and watering it, the installation of an artificial lawn would be the best option. Given below are some of the benefits, reasons and care tips on why an artificial lawn should be given consideration in comparison to the traditional lawn; 

Maintenance factor

Taking care of a traditional lawn that has actual grass that has been planted can cost you to maintain it properly. It would need to be watered, raked and trimmed. But with a right synthetic lawn there is little or no maintenance at all, there is absolutely no need to water or trim it, even though raking it once in a way might be a good idea to remove debris and keep the artificial grass looking healthy.


Investing on an artificial lawn is no piece of cake as it would cost more than your maintenance of a traditional lawn of about two to three years. It is indeed quite a hefty investment, but it is cost effective in the long run considering the maintenance and appearance factors.


If the area in which the artificial lawn is installed has a constant hit of direct sunlight, chances are that you might see some of the fake grass melted visibly and would end up like looking like a shoddy job of installation when its main cause is merely the direct sunlight, but that can be worked around and replaced in a way to cover them all up, given that it will not look sloppy like your traditional lawn but in much better condition instead.

Safety for kids

There are many safe flooring and turfing options used by schools and parks such as Polysoft surfacing used in theme parks and other water areas, similarly the use of artificial grass is also a safety factor for kids as they pose no harm and can be played on all year long without any kind of disturbances.

Things to be aware of…