How To Plan A Pirate Themed Party

Many children first get exposed to Pirates through the movie Peter Pan. This where they would first catch a glimpse of Captain Hook. However, as he is one of the main villains of this movies many children tend to shy away from this character. But now with movies such as Pirates of Caribbean pirates have been glorified. Hence, many children now attempt to emulate characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow. Due to this reason when their birthdays come around many children would request to have pirate themed birthday parties. However, although you may love the sound of this idea you would not know how to plan such an event. Furthermore, you would not even know how to entertain the youngsters at such a themed party. Hence that is where the following article comes in.

Create a Budget

When one requests a themed party they would want to go all out. However, you as the parent has to put the foot down. This means that one has to first create a budget in order to prevent overspending. Furthermore, when you create a budget you would realize how much you are willing to spend on this event. Therefore even if your child requests a plank to play with you may have to keep them satisfied with the outdoor stair treads. Moreover, this budget would also make the process of making other decisions a walk in the park.


When it comes to the invitations each guest can be sent a treasure map which would direct the guest to the venue. However, if you think that this would be a significant expense then you can proceed to draw these maps yourself.


Every themed party requires complementary decorations. That is because it is this decoration that would create the ambience of this event. Hence when it comes to a pirate themed party one should place pirate flags all over the yard. Moreover, one can also proceed to place treasure chests on the step treads. One should make sure to fill different treasure chests with different material. For instance, if one is filled with gold coins another can be filled with jewellery. Furthermore, one can also go on to place a plank at the entrance of the party. This would then cause the young guests to walk across a plank to enter the party.

A pirate themed party can be a joyful and fun occasion if it is planned properly. Therefore in order to achieve this one should proceed to follow the tips mentioned in the above article.