Making Use Of Clean Power

When it comes to going green, the obvious thought is to make use of clean energy power but it is quite difficult to decide on what type of energy source to use. Should you make use of solar power or wind or hydropower? With quite a lot of options available, it can seem quite overwhelming for someone new and put a person off before they even begin. It is advised that before you make the move to green power, take the time to improve the energy efficiency and cut down on the use of electricity. While this has the obvious benefit of reducing the carbon output and the costs associated with your electricity bill, lowering the energy used up also makes it easier for you to produce your own electricity. 

To start off easy, call up your electricity provider and check if they offer any alternative power sources. A lot of companies in the market offer a multitude of options such as hydropower and solar power. The prices they charge vary according to the state or the country.

An article on clean power will not be complete without its most popular contributor; solar power. Solar power is divided in to two categories; active and passive. Active is where solar power is captured through solar cells and where the solar power is either used up instantly or stored for later in order to either provide heat or electricity to either support the conventional grid system or eliminate the use of the grid system. While solar panel installation Lake Macquarie used to be extremely costly, the prices have gone down to an affordable amount. Solar powered systems come in a variety of power ranges such as 3KW solar systems and more. Passive solar power is where cells and complicated systems are not used but rather takes advantage of the power of the sun in other ways. There are three such ways; one being direct light where light is collected through windows; indirect gain where the heat is stored within walls and a final called isolated gain which is usually used in something like a sun room.

You can also think about using the geo thermal energy present in the Earth. This geothermal energy comes from the hot springs and geysers present under the earth. Equipment like the ground source heat pump take advantage of the steady heat levels present in the ground to heat or cool places. They make an excellent method to heat or cool buildings and are one hundred percent renewable. The lifetime of these ground source pumps are between twenty five to fifty years meaning that long term use is a possibility with these pumps.